Since you came all this way to find gloves that fit, let’s make sure they do! Here’s how our sizes work . . .

How to measure:

1)   We use the length of your middle finger (in centimeters) to determine the size of the glove.

2)   Measure from the tip of your middle finger to the base of the middle finger where it meets your palm (see the diagram for help). Make sure you are measuring in centimeters, not inches!


Women’s sizes:

We currently offer one women’s size: size 10.

If the length of your middle finger is 9cm or longer, or if regular gloves give you “webbed fingers”, this will be a good fit for you.


Men’s sizes:

Our Men’s gloves currently come in two sizes: size 11, and 12. Measure your middle finger and choose the size that mostly closely fits your measurement (e.g. 11.8 cm is a size 12).

If regular gloves almost fit, and you just get a mild case of “webbed fingers”, then size 11 is your best bet. If regular gloves are grotesquely cartoonish on your hands, and give you a bad case of “webbed fingers”, then size 12 is probably for you.


Other Sizing Problems

Our gloves are designed specifically to solve the short-fingered and “webbed fingers” problem, but if you try on our gloves and they don’t fit in some other way, shoot us an email and let us know. We may be coming out with a new size that fits you soon.